Do We Actually Need to Wage War on Iraq?

The United States wants to remove Saddam Hussein from power; its main allies would be content with his disarmament. The United States, therefore, wants to keep the United Nations weapons inspectors out of Iraq; its allies want to get them back in.

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A Blind Faith in Capitalism is Being Rocked

Today, capitalism is under attack for the first time since the fall of communism. Three reasons are mainly, and coincidentally, responsible. First, bear markets rule in the three main stock exchanges of the world. Whenever a lot of people lose a lot of money, they blame business. Second, a wave of scandals has hit the United States, affecting some of its best-known companies – Enron, Tyco, WorldCom. Scandals and bear markets are connected: Dubious accounting practices that are submerged in a tide of prosperity are ruthlessly exposed when the tide recedes.

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‘Kosovo and Russia’s Place in International Relations

The Nato action in Kosovo raises three questions for international relations. Was it legal? Was it just? And was it prudent? I will concentrate mainly on the third question, because this is most directly to do with Russia’s place in the international system. But first let me say something about the first two.

Was it legal?

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